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A far cry from vacations where you lounge around a pool. A Scout camp ! That's all !

24 juin 2019

Oscar Tourne, 20, wants to return  some of the the joy he received from Scouting as a child. A committed leader,  he would never spend a summer vacation without organizing a Scout camp.

Oscar took up Scouting with the EEUdF at age 8, just as his parents and grand parents had done before him. In the beginning he was reticent, but quickly became eager as Scouting became a habit. He got used to going to summer camp once a year. 

Scouting gives you a head start as you enter adult life, promoting self confidence, generosity and respect for others

As the years rolled by  the young child who so loved making new friends and discovering games became a Scout Leader. For the past three years he has been one of 4 leaders in the Bordeaux land unit which includes 19 young people from 12 to 16 years of age.  He takes the responsibility seriously and constantly proposes new activities for the group. Listening to him speak of Scout values – respect,  sharing, living together, helping – you easily understand Oscar's commitment to Scouting. These values are the heritage of its founder, Lord Baden-¨Powell.

Oscar Tourne, one of the leaders of the
Bordeaux-mer Scouts@EEUdF

With others

The unit and its leaders form a friendly group centered around meeting others.The pure pleasure of getting together – but not only that - motivates the young people as they organize week-ends or leave for camp . The leaders set up activites which stimulate discussions and  exchange talents. A Scout discovers his true value within the group :  with and for others, in  positive synergy.  For the past few years the youths who had not been cadet Scouts can become full-fledged Scouts or Guides. They may become interested in  Scouts through a friend met at school  or in an athletic club. When they join the troop, the joy of being with friends is what matters.  Oscar told me that Scout camp was far from being a relaxing experience : there is no lounging around a pool  for hours on end!  But the charm is there...It is wonderful to spend time with good people and to organize the various activities.  And one discovers that nothing is a product of chance.

The leaders of the Bordeaux-mer Scouts@

The leaders have the French « Brevet d'aptitudes aux fonctions d'animateur » (BAFA) with a specialization in Scouting : they take part in a regional meeting with adult leaders to organize the summer camp, taking into account the specificities of their group.  They then hunt for a place to camp and prepare the logistics with the assistance of the adults in charge.

Hand in hand with nature

This year Scout Camp will be held next to Estrabols, in the department of the Tarn.  The camp will try to respect the environment. Scouts will make their own jams and syrups, buying materials from local sources and reducing their trash as much as possible. It will not be just another  « Ecology camp » because this year's project is to set up a larger than life-size game.If you ever were a Scout you must remember the « explorations » ; they are the high point of any camp, the moment where the wind blows freedom your way !  The young people leave the camp in groups of 6 with just a map, a bag of materials and the will to get by!  Of course the leaders check that each group finds a place to sleep...But the explorations help the young people mature as they develop argumentative and listening skills : « Do we turn left or right ? »  Normally, after a few « adventures », the group's solidarity is reinforced.  While the youngest leave to explore, the leaders prepare whatever follows, try to repair broken down material, cars etc. ...because these hard times are also what scouting is about. It's like life : you laugh and you cry, you try to cope.

Scouts during their project@EEUdF

Hand in Hand with the Bible

The EEUdF is solidly anchored in Protestantism. The leaders prepare « spiritual moments » adapted to the group members and far from local churches.  Very few young people, for example, ever went to Bible school and very few are baptised.  These are moments of discovery for everyone.  The leaders  talk and debate about current events in light of what the Bible could contribute to the discussion, in order to deepen insight and open the young minds to the Gospel. Forcing the youths to believe in God is not the objective ; helping minds to think along the Gospel's lines is more to the point. The Scouts attend some services and this year will take  part in a regional Bible school weekend in Cap Ferret. Oscar grew up with Scouts and hopes to transmit something  to others as he performs his duties as Leader. He hopes to plant values in the minds of all who come to the camp :  he also hopes that all the scouting experiences  will enable young people to enter adult life safely : with trust, respect and generosity.



A pack of Louvetaux@EEUdF


Founded in 1907 by Lord Robert Baden-Powell, scouting is today the world's largest youth movement and is present on all 5 continents, uniting over 38 million young people all over the world.

The EEUdF was born is 1911 and is today a member of the « Fédération du Scoutisme Français et de l'Organisation Mondiale du Mouvemenet Scout (OMMS) as well as the « Association Mondiale des Guides et Eclaireuses » (AMGE).

The various groups

Broken into 3 age groups (cadets :  8/12 years, mid-teen group : 12-16, juniors : 16-19) Scouting promotes life in a group and the personal development of each young person.  Co-ed scouting is essential if girls and boys are to learn to live together with respect and cooperation.

A unique education

Through a unique educational method based on activity, autonomy and trust, each youth will learn to develop his physical, relational, ethical and spiritual  qualities ;  the individual « builds himself » within the group and benefits from a common experience.

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Corinne Gendreau,
Rédactrice en chef d'Ensemble