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John Bost foundation : Volunteers' Summer camp

24 juin 2019

For the past 10 years, the John Bost foundation of La Force, near Bergerac (24), has been making it possible for youths aged between 18 and 25 to spend their Summer vacation serving others : helping the elderly, the mentally ill or people with behavioural challenges

Ioana et une résidente@FJB

If you are between 18 and 25 and you want to make others benefit from your free time while you take advantage of an enriching human experience, consider volunteering for the elderly, for people with mental or behavioural challenges or handicapped people.


As has been the case for decades now, the John Bost foundation is opening up the enrollment period for its 2019 international Summer camp. Youths from all around the world will meet and live a life changing experience.

Visit the John Bost foundation and show your commitment to others

Shin Kyoung, a South Korean occupational therapist, has already come 5 times and is now  familiar with the Foundation where she's put her skills to use on a daily basis. She's woven a trusting relationship with the residents and applied her skills to the most complex situations.  Marina, an 18 year old medical student, will use her experience with the Foundation to select a specialization in university. A large percentage  of the volunteers has taken advantage of this experience to acquire  knowledge  of the handicapped environment.  Some of them aim to   become  doctors, practical nurses or special ed teacher while others with disabled  relatives or friends, have chosen to dig deeper into a life they are already familiar with.  As they come into contact with the medical staff they hope to learn more about this area  The experience  also proves positive for the volunteers coming from countries deprived of adequate paramedical facilities.

Les volontaires et les résidents de la Famille@FJB


A student's time is precious and your stay at the Foundation will prove a veritable commitment to others as well as your willingness to be questioned about social differences, inclusion, perception of others...You will accompany  the residents in their various activities, workshops, field trips, walks ...and of course go with them to church services and those activities linked to the spirtual life in which so many wish to take part. You will feel free to propose workshops and games of all sorts. Nicolas Apaire  says :  « If I had to speak about my experience, I'd say that you must never be afraid to jump into somethng new ;  include all the residents whenever  possible and propose new activities to the permanent staff.  New proposals are always welcome, in all areas. The John Bost foundation offers a unique chance to witness solidarity at work, and to become useful to all. »

3 volontaires d'été de 1997, dont Marina et
Shin Kyoung@FJB


During the summer you will be giving that little extra  element which makes for a distinct change in everyday life : your desire to meet residents and to propose your talents and creativity willingly.  The camp is based in the beautiful Dordogne Valley in the town of La Force, 10km from Bergerac in the Perigord region : one of the most spectacular tourist sites in France.  The Dordogne facilities spread over 200 hectares of open green space, offering residents the best quality of life and care possible.  Bicycles are put at the disposal of volunteers.  A tourism day is organized weekly in the region : day trips to the ocean, canoeing and other activities.  Every evening there are discussions around a specific theme, music, games and festivities.  One of the most popular summer activites is the trip on the « little train ».  It provides an occasion to meet other residents from nearby cottages.  Volunteers can also become acquainted with  new residents. The itinerary enables one and all to see the other cottages and runs all the way to Maynard Farm.

New Knowledge

During camp time, the directors, caregivers, psychologists  and ministers will come to meet and discuss with you about activities, changes in your mindset concerning  the  handicapped, knowledge of certain disabilities... but they will also ask you questions about your experience and the emotions which went with it.

All you need to do now is ENROLL.  On our side, everything is ready and waiting for you.


Practical Information

Dates :  From July 1-31 or August 1-31

Accommodation :  You stay in tents in the « Mamré » camp. There are comfortable beds and cupboards in the tents.

Internet Access : A house with kitchen, meeting room, internet and sanitary facilities is at your disposal near the tents.

Meals :  All your meals will be free of charge and prepared by the kitchen staff.

Laundry :  Laundry service is available

Transportation :  Your round trip ticket is totally reimbursed.  (°France only)


Joël Dahan and Nicolas Apaire
Chaplain of the John Bost foundation and volunteer from the July 2017 Summer camp