The Japanese and Us : Holiday vacancy

25 juin 2019

Japanese citizens were given 10 days off to celebrate the coming of their new emperor. This created general panic among 70% of the population !

C. Jacon

What would they ever do over such a long period ? How would they fill the hours ? Another civilization, other habits. All our regional readers would be more than happy to take this « time off » if they were given the chance. Biblically the notion of vacation, of vacancy, is expressed in the Sabbath. In the Chouraqui translation of the Bible we read that on the seventh day God rested. He did nothing. The first chapters of Genesis reveal that the meaning of life is to be found in the alternation of work and rest.  Protestantism exalted work, sometimes to the detriment of rest. But rest is there to remove us from slavery. So yes !  Lets take a vacation !  Time to recover, to take a break, perhaps even to leave us a time for emptiness, a vacuum, and silence. A vacation far from from the standardized products sold in catalogues, which seem to be what everybody wants.  A vacation which will leave a vacant space...  A different sort  of vacation for the Japanese to whom I especially extend my advice, and   for everyone else. 

These are my wishes for you, for each and every one of you. And how better to start yours than by reading the special file brilliantly concocted for you by our editors ?

Alain Pelissier,
Président du Conseil Régional sud-ouest